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Our other language programs and services

Join one of our language programs to meet new colleagues, learn new skills and have fun! To register or receive more information, please contact us.


Pedagogical courses

We invite FLE(S) teachers to enrich their teaching practices and methods with courses that can be tailored to the needs and wishes of the trainees.

We are pleased to offer our teaching courses all year round.

You never stop learning!


Language travel

Come and discover the beauty of French Riviera while improving your French with our  à la carte programs.

We organize language vacations for small groups in partnership with local tourist operators.

An unforgettable experience!



Our Customized  serices offers you the opportunity to benefit from personalized training. The program will be specially adapted  to your linguistic needs and may include language-culture course, thematic workshops, off-sites courses, as well as socio-cultural activities and or sports activities depending on your preference.


Virtual classes

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