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About CeFoLiAc

Make a difference

At CeFoLiAc, learning a foreign language is seen as preparation for actively using the language to communicate. This means learning a language with a view to integrating into a different linguistic and cultural community and becoming a full-fledged social player.

To achieve this, each formula is organized around precise language objectives according to the target level (CEFR) and enables the acquisition of knowledge, skills and know-how in different areas, such as personal, public, educational and professional.


Our principles

A warm welcome

Our approach to language training is based on the action-oriented perspective of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The management of our Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles emphasizes competency-based teaching and lifelong learning.

Our didactic references and professional experience will give you a clear idea of our qualities. You'll find them here.

The teaching team that supports our courses and your learning is highly flexible and multilingual. These are just a few of the strengths that underline our approach.

As close as possible to real life

A language and a culture

The use of original documents (audiovisual, audio, iconic and textual) as a complement to language methods will broaden communicative competence to include knowledge of the linguistic, pragmatic, discursive, referential and socio-cultural functioning of the language and culture.

Our French language-culture courses are aimed at a well-targeted public: foreigners with a second home in France or Monaco, foreigners living and/or working in France or Monaco or with French speakers, adult tourists, couples, groups and families. 


Our strenghts

Finally, the keywords that characterize our training center cover our strong points as well as our particular assets: 

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