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Le Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles sur la Côte d'Azur




The philosophy of CeFoLiAc

You live a new life,

for every new language you speak.

 Czech proverb         

Learn a language while having fun with our action-based approach

At CeFoLiAc, we're delighted to offer you an exceptional setting with exceptional teachers.

We offer a wide range of courses, as well as sports and socio-cultural activities to complement your language-culture learning experience with sensations that go beyond a simple language course.

CeFoLiAc offers private or group language-culture courses for individuals, professional training for employees and training courses for teachers.

Specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE), CeFoLiAc also offers other foreign languages : German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

At CeFoLiAc's World for Kids, we offer language awareness workshops, courses and linguistic workshops for children aged 3 and over. Some programs are offered during the school year, others during the vacations

Our language courses have been developed in accordance with the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" (CEFR).


All our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities.

We invite you to contact the center manager to discuss any special arrangements that may need to be made.

Disability situation

Who we are

CeFoLiAc Team

Language programs

Go beyond your expectations

Language & culture courses

Our French as a Foreign and Second Language (FLES) courses are offered through a variety of themed packages throughout the year, from one week to one year, at prices that vary according to level and content.

Language course

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