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Clés en main

The Clés en main program focuses on the acquisition of general knowledge (reading, writing and arithmetic) in French as a foreign and second language, and on specialized knowledge related to the industrial cleaning profession. It is linked to the two certificates listed in the Répertoire Spécifique.

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MCCP and CleA contextualisé Propreté 

Two Certificate Schemes 

The "Clés en main de la Propreté" scheme should enable employees to develop or reinforce :

  • incomplete learning,

  • forgotten skills,

  • acquired skills that are difficult to transfer to the workplace.


It is structured around 2 certificates listed in the Répertoire Spécifique:

  • Maîtrise des Compétences Clés de la Propreté (MCCP) covering levels 1 and 2

  • CleA contextualisé Propreté covering levels 3 and 4.


Please note: these certificates are independent of each other. However, validation of the MCCP will enable you to obtain certain areas of competence in the CleA contextualisé Propreté.

A complete system




Instructor - evaluator

Instructors are specially authorized to become instructor-evaluator



Training of up to 150 hours based on a preliminary assessment



The training program and assessment system are individualized, while complying with the reference framework

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Continuous assessment of skills acquired during the course



Validation by the professional branch, guaranteeing the acquisition of key industrial cleaning skills

Taking action against illiteracy means

- Enabling the integration of under-qualified people and enrolling them in a porfesssionalization process

- Facilitating access to basic skills relatded ti the claning professions

- Developping your employees skills and promote access to the certifications set up by the professional branch.

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