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Our packages

You can select from among our 11 pre-established formulas, according to 

  • the theme that interests you,

  • your level,

  • the time of year or

  • your prefered  target audience

If none of our pre-established formulas suits you, you can opt for the formula “ Customized ” or the “ In private ” formula. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Our theme-based packages

Discover our predefined formulas in this "by theme" classification, adaptable on request​, covering a wide choice of the most diverse and widespread needs. 

Uncover the details of each of our formulas by clicking on the name that appeals to you. Or take a look at the different formulas using the comparative tables  to find the one that suits you best.


This program is suitable for anyone wishing to travel in France and in French! The program is designed to help you acquire the fundamental basics of the French language and feel at ease as a tourist in France. The aim is to develop your language skills in everyday situations, covering all aspects of the language: expression, comprehension and pronunciation.

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Formulas by public

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Formulas by level

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Comparative table

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