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About your level


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You know your language level, check it by referring to the CEFR self-assessment grid and find out at a glance which formulas  may be suitable for your.
To get a better idea of your level, we invite you to take one of our online placement tests.

Some of our formulas can be chosen in continuation of your learning and progress. To find out more,  contact us.

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Here you'll find our self-assessment grid, based on the CEFR, to help you assess your skills and the ground you need to cover to reach the goals you've set yourself.


Our progress chart shows you the progress you can make by following one of our language courses:

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The graph shows how long a course takes to achieve a given language level, based on the participant's initial level. These indications are based on average statistics and may very according to different parameters.
In other words, the diagram shows a learner's general progress over time in relation to the CEFR levels (represented by horizontal bands).

Note that the width of each level should not give the impression that the same amount of time is needed to reach each additional level. On the contrary, the curve representing a learner's typical progress rises rapidly at the beginning and flattens out towards the end; this is because the range of language skills added at each level, and therefore the time needed to move from one level to the next, increases as progress is made.

Of course, your progress will also depend on the time you invest in making progress, your motivation, the type of formula you choose and your ability to learn a foreign language and culture.

Level certificate

At the end of your course you will receive a certificate  indicating your level in each language skill in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

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Do you know about the Language Passport?
This free scheme, managed by the European Union, is a European document, recognized in 34 countries, designed to present in a clear and detailed manner your language level, diplomas and certificates, as well as your experience of languages and their culture. The Language Passport is automatically integrated with into the Europass CV and including your language level in your CV  adds value to your application. 

We also recommend the use of a European Language Portfolio, a logbook that enables users to keep track of their progress.

The Portfolio is a document in which anyone who is learning or has learned a language - whether at school or elsewhere - can record their language skills and cultural experiences, so that they can then reflect on their learning.

You can find the European Language Portfolio here.

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