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Pro training
Our professional training courses

Do you have a professional language training project in mind?

Professional training is a tool available to all working people (employees, the self-employed, company directors or jobseekers), enabling them to take courses throughout their career, to develop their skills, update their knowledge and gain access to employment, maintain or increase their level of qualifications and promote their professional development.

Would you like to develop your language skills?

There are many ways to finance professional training, depending on your professional situation. We're here to assist you. Don't hesitate to contact us!


CPF: one of the main funding schemes

My Training Account (Compte Professionnel de Formation)

The personal training account (CPF) enables yu to aquire training rights that can be used throughout your working life. For more information, click here.

To find out how to create your personal training account CPF), watch the video.

Eligible CPF

  • All our "Langue-Culture PRO" professional training courses are eligible for the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF).

  • CeFoLiAc is committed to combating illiteracy, and has joined the "Clés en main" scheme with the "Maîtrise des Compétences Clés de la Propreté" (MCCP) and CléA contextualisé Propreté courses.

  • Our "Business" or "Pro" formulas are examples of fully customizable training courses aimed at foreign candidates wishing to improve their French language skills.


What you need to know about the Skills Development Plan:

The development plan  replaces the training plan as of January 1, 2019, and brings together all the training actions set up by the employer for its employees.

Would you like to know more? Contact us.

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Language-Culture PRO

At CeFoLiAc, we offer language training courses aimed at learning language and culture from the action-oriented perspective advocated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

Consult our online brochure of professional training courses
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