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CeFoLiAc's World for Kids

CeFoLiAc's World for Kids is a program specially designed for children.

Throughout the school year, we offer language courses and language awakening workshops for children attending school in France or Monaco. 

Language courses are open to both French-speaking and non-French-speaking children.

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English courses

On the program: throughout the school year, CeFoLiAc and the pedagogical team organize a multitude of exceptional activities so that your children learn while having fun and sharing special moments of creative awakening with their friends.

Back to school 2022-2023: to register your child, click here !


Language awareness workshop

On the program: English and a choice of two foreign cultural languages: German, Spanish, French (as a foreign language), Italian or Russian. And of course... A multitude of exceptional activities are organized by CeFoLiAc and the pedagogical team so that your children learn while having fun and sharing special moments with their friends.



Language courses

Multilingual courses and discovery activities

On the program: English and/or other foreign language-cultures chosen from German, Spanish, French (foreign language), Italian or Russian.

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