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Sporting activities

Have you ever dreamed of learning a foreign language and culture while practicing your favorite sport? We have, and that's exactly what makes us a center for action-based language training. "I learn French by playing golf, I learn French by taking part in a regatta, I learn French while riding a jet ski, I learn French while having fun on a Via Ferrata in the Vallée des Merveilles... "

At CeFoLiAc, you can also learn a language and culture by practicing your favorite sport.

All our sports activities complement the learning of the French language and culture. Our pedagogical team provides friendly, dynamic French-language activities, with vocabulary and speaking speed adapted to your level.

A minimum number of participants is required for certain programmed activities.

We'll let you know as soon as your training begins.

Whether you prefer the pleasures of the sea, golf courses or mountain activities, we've gone to great lengths to select for you the essential players to complete your learning of the French language and culture. At CeFoLiAc, we put the emphasis on unique, tailor-made events, while helping you to acquire knowledge, skills and know-how in the French language and culture.

Building on your experience in your mother tongue, you'll soon be able to navigate at sea, play golf or climb mountains in French. Each type of sport requires an in-depth knowledge of its technical terms, the jargon, which - even if you're a pro on the field - will make you miss a few points in language practice. That's why we suggest combining your learning with the passion that motivates you.

Would you like to try your hand at pétanque? The most popular game in the south of France is played with the feet immobile (from the Occitan pé > foot and tanco > tanqué, fixed to the ground). For the (slightly less) sporty, we have  short hikes planned along the seaside, on the coastal paths of Cap Martin with its bonus of the Villa du Corbusier, or on the famous "Balcons de la Côte d'Azur" paths between Menton and Nice.


For CeFoLiAc, it's vital to know the selected service providers down to the last detail, to keep abreast of their development and to keep up to date with the latest developments. The close contact we maintain with our partners means we have complete control over the quality of our infrastructures, safety measures and services.

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