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Face-to-face courses

Everyone together

As specialists in face-to-face teaching, we are delighted to be able to offer, since 2020, virtual classrooms to complement your classroom-based learning and widen our offer. Our entire teaching team has responded to the challenge of setting up this innovative system, which represents a significant asset for our language training courses.


Virtual classes

Everyone at  home

In order to meet possible constraints, taking into account the necessity of distance, and to offer pedagogical continuity to our trainees in all circumstances, our response is to propose a sequence that alternates presence and distance (synchronous or asynchronous). This is a hybrid solution (successively combining different types of in-person and off-site activities). This allows us to imagine what is feasible or desirable to maintain in situ and what can be organized remotely.

Hybrid format

Combining both

Each training course can be run in a hybrid format, either face-to-face or virtual, depending on the wishes and/or possibilities of the trainee(s).

To follow one of our virtual classes, each trainee must have :

  • a personal computer connected to the Internet,

  • a headset for greater comfort,

  • a microphone and

  • a webcam.

Need support?

We are here to assist you !

Image by Samantha Borges

Technical support sessions are offered, if required, to guide trainees who wish to learn how to use certain online tools, such as installing MS Teams and/or using Zoom and other virtual classroom applications.

Don't hesitate to come and talk to us!


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