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Courses in French as a Foreign and Second Language (FLES)

For our French language courses for individuals, we offer different formulas  throughout the year for different periods, from one week (minimum) to twelve weeks, with prices varying according to level and content. Groups are composed of between 6 and 11 participants (maximum), of any nationality, with a uniform level of French and all adults over the age of 21 (except for our "En famille" formula).

We also offer professional training courses for French as a foreign language and French as a Second Language, in particular the "Clés en main" program.

Course content

  • Refresher course, mastering basic skills, introductory course

  • Upgrading, broadening skills

  • Preparing for certification


Discover and learn

A warm welcome

The warm welcome you'll receive from our team and partners will complement the quality courses you'll follow in a dynamic atmosphere and exceptional setting.

You will have two teachers to listen to you and support you throughout your training.

All our teachers are qualified in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE), with at least a Master's degree in FLE didactics, and are always available to help you progress.

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Small groups 

Feel at ease so you can progress

You will be integrated into a group of a similar level, thanks to a preliminary assessment.

The organization of small groups allows each participant to take the floor, express him/herself freely and gain in fluency.

Once you've completed one session, you'll be able to register for the following one to pursue your learning.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out about the most suitable formulas for continuing your language training.

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Types of teaching

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