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French as a Foreign and Second Language (FLES) course

Training content

  • Refresher courses, mastery of basic skills, introductory courses

  • Upgrading, broadening skills

  • Preparation for certification


Discover and learn

A warm welcome

A warm welcome from our team and partners will complement the quality courses you will be taking in a dynamic atmosphere and exceptional setting.

You will have two teachers on hand ton support throughout your training. All our teachers are qualified in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE), with at least a Master's degree in Didactics of FLE, and are available to help you progress.


Small groups 

You will feel at ease in order to make  progress

You will be integrated into a group of a similar level thanks to a preliminary assessment.

Organized in small groups, each participant is free to express him/herself and gain in fluency. 

Once one session has been completed, you'll be able to register for the next to continue your learning.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out about the most suitable formulas for continuing your language training.

Types of teaching

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