French courses on the French Riviera CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles
CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles

This course is perfect for those who wish to travel in France and in French! The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the French language to allow students to feel at ease while travelling as a tourist in France. The aim is to develop enough linguistic ability on subjects relating to daily life covering all aspects of the language (expression, comprehension, pronunciation) appropriate for everyday situations.
Who can apply?
  1. Adult tourists individually or as a group
  2. Foreigners with a second home in France or Monaco
  3. Foreigners wishing to settle in France or Monaco
  4. Foreigners working in a French environment
Course Levels: A0 – A1 toA2
Minimum course duration: 1 week
Standard program: 2 weeks
CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles
Language and culture course: 4 x 3 hours in the morning
Outdoor course or Workshops: 3 x 2 hours in the afternoon
Social and cultural activities: 1 x 4 hours (half day Friday afternoon - Saturday morning)
Duration: 22 class hours per week
Small groups of 6 to 11 students allow our students to speak, to express freely and to gain fluency. This course is based on specific goals to allow students to become familiar with the French culture and language while discovering the famous Côte d'Azur French Riviera by doing guided visits and excursions.
All applicants will be placed in a class appropriate to their level and needs after a language test. Take our online placement test. If you have successfully completed a course you can enrol the following session to keep on learning. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you enrol on the course that best suits your language needs.
We offer four sessions a year. Please click here to find out our "Travelling" course annual calendar. If you want to view all our course dates, click on our global calendar.
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