Learn French in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat/Beaulieu sur Mer/Monaco/Monte-Carlo/Eze and on the French Riviera CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles
CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles

En famille
This course is ideal for parents and children who really wish to experience the French language and culture together. Our course syllabus has been specifically designed to develop and revitalise existing French language skills focusing on themes appropriate for all members of the family. We aim to improve grammar and writing skills and to develop conversational skills through speaking and listening activities with an interactive and recreational atmosphere.
Who can apply?
  1. Foreigners with a second home in France or Monaco
  2. Foreigners intending to settle in France or Monaco
  3. Tourists with their family
Course levels: A0 – A1 to B2
Minimum course duration: 1 week (20 hours)
Standard program: 2 weeks (40 hours)
Intensive program: 4 weeks
Complementary program: 5 to 12 weeks
CEFOLIAC Centre de Formations Linguistiques Actionnelles
Language and culture course: 4 x 3 hours in the morning
Outdoor course or Workshops: 2 x 2 hours in the afternoon
Social and cultural activities: 1 x 4 hours (half day Friday afternoon – Saturday morning)
Duration: 20 hours per week
This program is open to a family with a minimum of three participants. Our course enables both children and parents to speak, to express themselves freely and to gain fluency. This course is based on flexible goals within a specific time-frame to allow everyone to have fun whilst learning the French language and culture through different learning tasks that alternate with interactive activities.
Test your French, take our online placement test.
We offer four sessions a year. Please click here to find out our "Family" course annual calendar. If you want to view all our course dates, click on our global calendar.
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