Outdoor courses
Efficient and effective training courses cannot only be held in a classroom. That is why, depending on the program selected, we offer a wide range of outdoor courses which enable you to learn and practice French language and culture while accomplishing pedagogic target tasks.
At CeFoLiAc, our concept of culture is "a set of ways to see, feel, perceive, think, speak, express, react, with lifestyles, beliefs, knowledge, achievements, habits and customs, traditions, institutions, norms, values, morals, leisure and aspirations" (Translated from French: Dictionnaire actuel de l’éducation, Larousse, 1988). Intercultural competence is not considered as a skill that allows you to interact with a stranger (a person of different nationality and culture), but with all others (another person). Our main preoccupation is to focus on the meeting point rather than trying to learn another person's culture (« Compétence culturelle, compétence interculturelle. Pour une anthropologie de la communication », Le Français dans le monde, numéro spécial janvier, pp.32-35, 1996).
Such an interaction can take place only outside, where we can easily come into contact with the locals, so we offer courses in different locations allowing you to experience a touch of authenticity. This style of curriculum is designed in harmony with the chosen program, depending on the dates selected and the number of participants and may occasionally correspond with certain socio-cultural activities and / or sports.
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