Language and culture courses
Our language and culture courses enable participants to acquire, widen and perfect their language and culture skills. Lessons are held in the morning (9am – 12pm) in highly-equipped classrooms, in an atmosphere conducive for learning in superb locations.
For more details on these unique spaces, please check out our "strength".

Our major aim is to underline the importance of learning to speak read and write in French in a lively, interactive and friendly atmosphere. At CeFoLiAc we emphasize communication-based language learning from a culture and language approach. We give priority to communication competency which includes different French language and cultural aspects such as linguistics (lexicon, phonetics and syntax), sociolinguistics (language use social and cultural parameters, social norms) and pragmatics (cohesion and coherence in speech).
At CeFoLiAc we use interactive and communicative-based teaching methods of French as a foreign language. We have added various types of authentic documents from real-life situations (audiovisual, recording, iconic and written) for a better social and cultural integration.
Our course syllabus is well-defined, but remains also flexible so that you are able to improve according to your level and rhythm.

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