Workshops take place in the afternoon (2pm – 4pm) and they are based on a communication-based teaching approach, as a complement to classes in the morning. We focus on improving students speaking skills through different topics related to French culture. Workshops also help learners to develop their intercultural skills.


Thus, you will be able to discover French cinema through a range of film clips giving rise to class debates. Let yourself be transported by French music from the 40s up to the present and discover the common points as well as the differences between various singers and generations. 

Enjoy having a good laugh while learning the funny side of French humour: sketches, shows, comic strips, texts… everything that make French laugh. And good manners rule… Find out everything about being politically correct… how to behave towards women, men…but also about nonsense and some other idiosyncrasies…
Learn about fashion, designer trends and their influence on ready-to-wear fashion. If you are captivated by fashion trends, at CeFoLiAc you are going to learn more! Why not go window shopping - Hermès, Dior, Chanel, Lacroix…- late afternoon in Monaco?

In the theatre, no censorships, everything is possible: love, hatred, fear, joy, laughter… Universal feelings! Everyone will find their means of expression through vocal and body exercises, and with improvisation. Learning French will be recreational and mere child's play! And when it comes to poetry… writing is always one way or the other playing with words and bending the rules in different forms whether it be a literary or journalistic.

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