Sports activities
In CeFoLiAc, learning a language-culture is also means practicing your favorite sport. Sport activities complement the vocabulary in learning the French language culture. All our teachers have the ability to create the convivial dynamics for the activities in French, with a vocabulary and speed of delivery appropriate to your level.

For more details about the selected sports activities, please check out our "Our strength". 
A minimum number of participants is required for certain planned activities. You will be notified at the beginning of your training.
Using your previous experience in your native language, you'll quickly be able to navigate at sea, you will be able to play golf, climb mountains all in French. Each sport requires a thorough knowledge of his technical terms, or jargon, which - even if you are pro in the field - may make you miss a few points in the language practice. This is why we propose that you combine your learning with the passion that motivates you.
Do you want to be introduced to the game of bowls (Pétanque)? Probably the most popular game in the South of France is played with keeping one's feet immobile (from the Occitan pe> foot and Tanco> tanque, fixed to the ground). For the (slightly less) athletics ones, we have provided short walks by the sea on the coastal paths, including the Cap Martin promenade with has the added bonus of Le Corbusier's villa or on the other famous pathways on the "balcony of the Cote d'Azur" between Menton and Nice.
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